Little March Haul

Went out to town and wanted to share some of my purchases with you, from my new favorite fragrance and one of the most stunning (budget!) red lipstick to glittery nail polish overload for your nails. 

The name "Cruched Crystals" does these polishes justice, it actually looks like crystals were crushed onto your nails. Your nails will be in glitter heaven after applying a few coats of these gorgeous colors. Especially with a nice base coat underneath, or do what I do and apply the two over each other.

Fortunate for my Dutch readers this can be purchased at Kruidvat.
On the left: Catrice "Kitch me if you can" €2,99
On the right: Catrice "Oyster and Champagne" €3,39

Here is a sample of me wearing the polishes. On the left: "Oyster and Champagne" (two coats).
On the right: "Oyster and Champagne" with "Kitch me if you can" on top (two coats).

This "Hema lipstick" in nr.6 is a very close dupe of  "MAC's Ruby Woo". I am head over heals in love with this matte (yet not drying) lipstick and it's a bargain as well. Raining at just €3,50 which is noting in comparison to the MAC lipsticks which coast €18,-

This can be bought at any "Hema" store or online here 

I smelled this Karl Lagerfeld "Sun, Moon, Stars" in store and was intrigued by this "mysterious" smelling fragrance. (I am terrible at explaining smells) It's not your typical flowery scent, it's a bit "heavier" yet very fresh. Only thing I can say is to go give it a smell yourself. 

Lastly I came across this gorgeous wallet which reminded me of an aquarel  painting and I just needed to have it. Fits all my money and cards (which are A LOT) perfectly.
I bought this in the sale at V&D for €9,-

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