New tattoo

A couple of days ago I got a new tattoo on the inside of my forearm. I got it done at the local tattoo shop in my town. It's hebrew scrip saying "Yeshua" which in Hebrew means "Jesus".
I believe in God and Jesus plays a big part of my life.I am not Jewish or anything and I don't necessarily believe in any "Religion" but rather in a "Relationship" with God.

 I've wanted this tattoo for ages but I just didn't know where to place it on my body. At first I was very hesitant but I knew I wanted to place it somewhere where I could see it. In the end I chose this spot and I am very happy with the result!

Pain-wise it didn't hurt that much when I got it done (it took like roughly 15 minutes) but when my tattoo artist finished my arm was bleeding pretty heavy...not sure if that's normal because I didn't bleed with my other tattoo. The tattoo artist told me "blood is a good sign". So I suppose he knew what he was talking about? 

Now I have to wash, moisturize and keep my tattoo clean on a daily basis until it's completely healed. Currently it hurts when I touch it and it's still swollen but the redness is decreasing, nevertheless I am very happy with it!

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