DIY: Revamp your old jeans

Here is how I turned an old pair of straight legged jeans into "ripped boyfried jeans".
I love the look of the slouchy boyfriend jeans paired with some black ankle strap heels for a classy look or paired with nice sneakers for the casual occasions.
It's very easy to achieve this, all you need are some old jeans (I got mine at my local thrift store), scissors and a pair of tweezers.
The first step is to mark where you want the cut to be, I chose the spot where my knee sits.
Make a simple cut with your scissors.
And then repeat that same step, just a view centimeters above your first cut.
Denim is a woven fabric commonly made with a blue cotton warp yarn and a white cotton filling yarn. Have you ever looked closely at your favorite pair of jeans and noticed a complex pattern in the fabric? That pattern is referred to as "twill weave," and it is caused by finely-interwoven yarns. The white cotton filling yarns run the width of the fabric. 

The trick to make your jeans look distressed, is to lightly pull the blue vertical treads out with your tweezers. Like shown in the pictures.
Just keep pulling on the blue treads until you finish the stroke you cut. Want a bigger hole? Just add another cut above, as shown in step three.

When you are finished and happy with the result, wash your jeans and throw them into the dryer (this will tear the white threads even more and add more to the final result)
Lastly just roll up your jeans and there you have it! Your own custom made boyfriend jeans.

 I thought "less is more", but personally I would have liked to have added even more cuts and tears.
(So that is what I am going to do next time...)

For an OOTD featuring these jeans click HERE

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