New year's resolutions

We are now mid January, the holiday season is over and everybody is slowly picking up their regular daily routines again. Whether it's going back to school, work, anything! And with the new year, come new year's resolutions... However, I personally do not believe in new year's resolutions, you tend to stick to them for the first couple of months but then life gets a hold of you and you slip right back into your usual habits. (Don't get me wrong, not saying this doesn't work for everybody, some people really stick religiously to their resolutions). But I rather call them goals, it's much easier to focus on the things you WANT to do or achieve in the upcoming year, rather than focussing on the negative like quitting bad habits. This way you focus on the happy things you still want to do, set goals for yourself, and don't be mad or punish yourself if you don't make it. Just move them to next year, Simple as that! 

Here is one tip I do every new year, that I want to share with you.

  • Every End of December I make a list of things I want to do the upcoming year, places to visit, goals to achieve etc. These are all positive things!
  • Then I cut them into strips, and write the date I made them on the back.
  • Finally I fold them up and place them in a cute little jar. I call it my "wishpot" 
Not only have you got all of your (positive) goals in one place, it's also a nice addition to your shelf or home decor. 
This is my second year doing it, and the fun thing is opening the jar 12 months later and reading back the goals you set up for yourself. Seeing what you achieved and what can stay in the jar for the next year (hence, why I write the dates on the back, to see how long it took me). I then collect the goals I DID achieve, and place the strips in a notebook. I fold the strips in two, stick it in my notebook and add some text to them,on how and when I achieved them. I like to keep them so I have something positive to read when I am feeling down. 

I kept the text blurry for personal reasons, but you get the idea!
I recommend you try this, and you will see how easy and fun it is to set goals for yourself and stick to them. I even wrote things down for the future, so no need to stress about completing it all in 12 months.

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